HVAC (heating, ventilation, airconditioning)

For handling most used signals in HVAC systems within the mobility branch our ID4motion HVAC control unit is fully capable whether these signals are analog or digital. The control unit can work like a complete automatic climate control system but can also be used for a manual controlled HVAC system. To control multiple valve actuators or stepper motors in both directions we use quad half bridge drivers which are specific for automotive use.

Because every HVAC environment is different, the internal software is completely configurable to the manufacturer’s needs. Our user interface products can be completely integrated with the HVAC control unit however the system can also work as a standalone unit. The user interface can be controlled either by a control display with tailored graphical design matching the interior of the application
or can be done by manual control.

hvac id4motion


Customer benefits

HMI is becoming a more and more important buying criteria for consumers. Implementing branding and consistency of the whole user experience is key. An HMI strengthen the manufacturer’s brand image to deliver this winning user experience. An HMI design not only specific to the brand, but also to that application. This UI solution enhances the user experience as the design of the application intended.

points benefits

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